Autorefractor Function

Auto Refractometer Keratometer is an electronic device that processes the inspection data digitally using a computer and has 2 inspection functions in accordance with its name namely Refractometer and keratometer.

Autorefractometer is one method of measuring eye disorders that require the help of the use of glasses called refraction objectively. Information obtained from the examination using a refractometer in the form of a lens strength correction patient’s refraction abnormalities. The strength of this lens can be a minus lens, a plus lens, and a cylindrical lens.

Keratometer is an eye examination tool that is useful to find out the patient’s corneal curvature in detail because it covers the strength of the refraction and axis of the corneal curvature in certain areas. This information is needed in semi-hard or hard contact lens fittings, examination and evaluation of patients before and after refractive surgery, diagnosis and evaluation of patients with corneal curvature abnormalities, and much more.

One of the patient examination processes at the Eye Clinic is to use an instrument called the Auto Refractor Keratometer. This tool serves to measure the curvature of the cornea. Automatically measure the strength of corneal refraction.

The procedure for checking with an Autorefractor is:
The patient sits in a chair that has been prepared in front of the appliance
The patient is asked to place the chin and place the forehead
The patient is asked to look forward and hold his eyes open without blinking for a few seconds.
when the inspection is complete, the printout results automatically come out of this tool.

the advantages of the Auto Refractor Keratometer are:
1. Combining measurements for diopter and corneal curvature
2. Precedent optical technique, consistent and accurate measurement of images
3. The most sophisticated technique of graphic editions, making graphs measured quickly and clearly.
4. Humanized focus design to make grasping focus faster.
5. Auto refractor optometry. This unit is manufactured using advanced technology

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