VISIONIX VX40 WaveLens Pro Automatic Lensmeter


VISIONIX VX40 WaveLens will detect and analyze bifocals, innovative, and single vision lenses and can be used with lens technologies and brands.



VISIONIX VX40 WaveLens Pro Automatic Lensmeter  allows you to have a full detailed analysis of a frame in the push of this button.

The VX40 will detect and analyze bifocals, innovative, and single vision lenses and can be used with lens technologies and brands.

Visionix VX40 is a new generation of completely automatic lensmeter relies on Visionix Wavefront technology. Pressing a single button, you experience an evaluation of the whole frame.

Features include:

  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Automatic measurement
  • Freeform lens analysis
  • Single vision measurement
  • Progressive lens analysis
  • Comparison between progressive lenses
  • Internal printer
  • Mono and binocular PD measurement
  • RS-232 and Bluetooth interfaces
  • Automatic Left / Right eye movement
  • Automatic detection of virtually all lens technologies and brands

The VX40 is fully automated.  After the operator places the frame and initializes the start procedure, lens analysis and measurement is completely automatic.  Even left / right eye movement requires no user input.

The VX40 detects all types of lenses including bifocals, progressives, freeform, and single vision lenses. It is compatible with virtually every lens technology and brand.

The VX40 analyzes progressive and freeform lenses and then conveys the measurements to the operator in the form of a visual topographic map of the power ranges across the lens. These lens types no longer have to be a mystery to you.

The lens is studied completely which allows for the operator to pick any point on the lens to verify the power and accuracy of the manufacturing. Compare and analyze even freeform progressive lenses.

Contact Lenses and Device Intuitive: 

Automation and precision with its innovative system of frame support, the WaveLens Pro is the only lensometer in the market which combines automatism with a high precision in measurement. The unique lens holder system allows for a fast frame insertion with only one hand and after pushing the measurement button the whole process works on its own. The WaveLens Pro allows you to spend more time with your patients and less time with analysis.

Automatic Lens Type Detection: 

• Progressive
• Bifocals
• Freeform
• Single vision
• Compatible withal brands and technologies
• Comparisons between Progressives

Key Points: 

– Fully Automatic
– Easy to use
– Automatic Lens detection
– Comparison between Progressives

Technical Specifications: 

– Weight: 20 lbs
– Dimensions: 8.66inL X 9.44inW X 17.9inH
– Screen: 7″ LCD adjustable
– Sphere: -15D to +10D
– Cylinder: 0 to 10D
– Axis: 0 to 180 degrees
– Prism: 0 – +/- 10D step 0.01
– Add Power: 0 – +/- 3.5 D (Step 0.01,0.06,0.0125,0.25D)
– PD Measurement: Mono/Bino
– Data output: Built – in Printer, RS-232 or Bluetooth

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